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Aura Technologies has a long and specialized history in Laser light shows. Our expertise in the field makes us a strong leader in the industry. We specialize in creating shows and installing complete laser systems.

Aura’s wholly owned subsidiary, Laser City Studios, produces laser light shows - for schools, planetariums, holiday celebrations and corporate multimedia presentations. Whether inside a theater or outdoors in a football stadium, Laser City Studios offers clients complete solutions to presentation needs - from storyboard inception, to design implementation, to having equipment on-site and supervising the performance. Laser City Studios produces shows not only for Aura customers who already own their own systems, but for other laser companies within the industry as well.

In addition to producing entire shows themselves, Laser City Studios’ artists have collaborated with media specialists and musicians to develop well-integrated multimedia, sound and light shows. Animated laser images are designed to enhance the more traditional forms of presentation media. Laser effects are then projected on top of video, film or slides, along with musical accompaniment - all with such incredible precision that the whole (show) is greater than the sum of its parts.